MPL and MiniMPL are sophisticated laser remote sensing systems that provide continuous, unattended monitoring of clouds and aerosols.


White Paper: Mobile Remote Sensing

Download our White Paper about measuring Planetary Boundary Layer height with our MiniMPL mobile remote sensing instrument.


Micro Pulse Lidar can determine cloud height, extent and structure for several applications. Watch the video to know more!

Sigma Space at EGU 2014: Showing MPL to the World

From April 27 to May 2, 2014 nearly 12,500 Earth, planetary and space scientists from 106 countries gathered in Vienna for the European Geophysical Union General Assembly (EGU 2014).

Sigma Space participated in the event, showcasing our Micro Pulse Lidar technology in the exhibition hall. It was a popular exhibit, and received lots of interest from the Earth Science community.

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MPL Stations

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